Hi there.

If you're someone looking for my 'online presence', this is it.
I do exist. I'm alive. Just not on social mediaThe Reaction Economy by William Davies.

'Anger and humour are parallel reactions to a world that appears to have lost the capacity to recognise genuine injustice, and has become fixated instead on phoney injustices – a world that is ostensibly diverted by petty offences at the expense of real harms.'
. I've valued my privacy for over a decade. My sanity even longer.

If you're a friend or someone I know, don't be a stranger.
You can write to me on SignalClick to start a chat with me on Signal.. We could have a captivating conversation like this:

Hi, Erik

Hey, you

If you're neither and ended up here without really knowing why, I don't want you to leave empty-handed.
So have a listen to this The Grift by Joshua Idehen., about the empty-hearted.

The most important thing an individual can do right now is not be such an individual.